Decade long U.S. military presence in Estonia on table

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U.S.-Estonian solidarity is needed in the new security environment and a decade long American military presence in Estonia is on the table – U.S. top army officer has stated during a visit to the Baltic country on September 15.

General Martin Dempsey, the highest-ranking military officer in the United States armed forces, during a working visit to Estonia, stated that both countries benefit from the mutual military co-operation and the American presence in the country might continue for at least a decade.

ERR reports that Dempsey’s visit was mostly devoted to evaluating the contribution the United States has made last year, since Russia violated Ukraine’s borders.

Dempsey, who had a meeting with the 150 U.S. soldiers based in Tapa, also emphasized the importance of military exercises, noting that the training facilities in Estonia are excellent.

The general also appeared to envisage that the U.S. military will stay in Estonia for long.

«The U.S. responded quickly and efficiently to the new security environment. Now we have to institutionalize the baseline for the future. (..) But we are talking about decade long commitment here,» he noted, adding that the aim is to make alliance’s commitment to regional security predictable over time, to avoid negotiation every year.

Currently, 150 rotating troops are currently based in Estonia as part of ongoing exercise programme.


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